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Let's get emotional...

Join Nicole in the Designers Masterclass club Thursday mornings at 9:25am Eastern as she leads club regulars through lively and insightful chats on the emotional and psychologial aspects of interior design. This club is all about participation, so bring your questions, ideas, and insight! Designers and non-designers alike are always welcome.

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Emotional Home Book

Whether you are looking to create your perfect home or are a practicing interior designer, this book will change your understanding of home by looking at how closely it's tied to our emotions, identity, and over all well-being. Special attention is paid to the new field of study, neuroaesthetics, and the important role beauty has played in the development of human beings throughout our evolution. Currently in editing, it's scheduled for release Winter of 2022.

Emotional Home Course

The Emotional Home is a set of target courses that will teach interior designers to expertly understand their clients' emotional and functional needs, identify key personality aspects, integrate memory, and redefine luxury, resulting in better client experiences and truly authentic homes. The first course, centered around the  design secrets of the Myers-Briggs system, will be released Spring of 2022.

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Hey there!

We'd love to stay in touch and promise we won't fill your inbox with hundreds of emails-- it's just not our style! We would, however, like to send you an occasional newsletter with information we think you'd like, invite you to periodic webinars, let you know when our book is available for pre-sales, and invite you to enroll in our course. We get that we may not be your cup of tea, and that's okay! We're just here waiving our flag so the folks who aren't getting their needs met through traditional design know there's someone who gets it.

Thank you! We're glad you joined us!

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