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Emotional Home Book

Emotional Home Course

Spring Market, High Point, NC

Ever wonder what influences trends?


Join Nicole and other industry leaders as they discuss the connections between art, interior design, fashion, and technology and how they interpret the zeitgeist of any given era through their work and define its aesthetic. 

When: Sunday, April 23, 4pm

Where: Universal Learning Center

Whether you are looking to create your perfect home or are a practicing interior designer, this book will change your understanding of home. We'll take an in-depth look at how our identity, memories, Myers-Briggs





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 type, and neurology factor into creating emotionally nuturing and supportive spaces.

Designing the Emotional Home

Release Date: Summer 2023





The Emotional Home is a set of targeted courses that will teach interior designers to expertly understand their clients' emotional and functional needs, identify key personality aspects, and integrate memory, to redefine the custom design experience. Home owners and those interested in learning more about how our type informs our design needs and relationships will also find this course useful!


Course 1: The Secrets of the Myers-Briggs

Release Date: Fall 2023

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