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About Nicole

Raised by an architect, Nicole understood at a young age that good design was about creating pretty spaces, but exceptional design was about using architecture, light, finishes, and furnishings to create emotional experiences; the kind of design that deeply moves us and impacts all aspects of our life.


Nicole belives our homes are extensions of our body, mind, and personality, and are a fundamental part of our identity. Because of the  deep psychological connection between us and our homes, Nicole forgos trends and a signature style, preferring to discover and develop the unique style hidden within each of her clients. 

"The most breathtaking homes eloquently surround the inhabitants with their own story and grace. I want my clients to be consistently surrounded by themselves and shown just how beautiful they are."

Throughout her career, she has strived to understand this connection, becoming both a licensed North Carolina state Realtor at Bold Real Estate, and a certified Myers-Brigss Administrator. She has also spent the last five years developing her breakthrough philosophy, the Emotional Home, to teach both homeowners and other designers the role authentic spaces play in our overall well-being.

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