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Extrovert-  Energized by spending time with others; external processors who act first and thinks later;  wide variety of relationships; loses energy when not socializing, loves people

iNtuitive- Future oriented; able to connect disparate ideas; appreciates concepts and theories; searches for patterns; recalls context; abstract and non-linear thinkers; free-floating memories and ideas

Feeling- Emotionally aware and sensitive to the impact of their decisions on others; sensitive to other's needs;  aware of the reaction of others to given situations; seeks win-win situations and popular opinion; dislikes conflict

Perceiving- Flexible and spontaneous; multi-tasks well; loves to mix work and play; does their best work last minute; values perfection over completion


Mark Twain  |  Ellen Degeneres  |  Jennifer An

iston  |  Keanu Reeves  |  Justin Timberlake  |

Fidel Castro  |  Katie Couric  |  Cher  |  Rachel Maddow  |  Salvador Dali  |  Tom Brady  |  Fra

nz Joseph Haydn  |  Sandra Bullock  |  Daniel

Radcliffe  |  Robin Williams  |  Ricky Gervais  |

Hunter S Thompson  |  Dr. Seuss  |  Jerry Sei

nfeld  |  JJ Abrams  |  Orson Wells  |  Charles

Dickens  |  Bruce Strpingsteen  |  Anais Nin  |

John Lennon  |  Jewel  |  Gwen Stefani  |  Juli

an Assange  |  Yao Ming  |  Ron Weasely  |  Dr

ew Barrymore  |  Che Guevara  |  Faramir


These naturally curious people look at life as full of possibility and aren't afraid to take a risk.  They are highly charismatic, love change, and see everything and everyone in life as being connected, making them very spiritual.  Like all Diplomats, they have a strong ethical code, and will never compromise someone else's well-being for personal gain.  They are naturally intuitive and know exactly what someone needs, whether it is a shoulder to cry on or a tasty snack, and their exceptional conversational skills and broad knowledge allow them to engage in both light joking banter and deep philosophical conversations.  Everyone feels special in their presence, and they'll never hesitate to verbally or demonstratively express their appreciation.  Their creative mind is always working and a simple conversation can trigger a big idea or another adventure they'll jump to pursue, but another idea may sneak in to usurp their attention.  Structure is anathema to these spontaneous souls- they crave freedom in every aspect of their lives, from relationships, to their thoughts and ideas, to how they work.  They don't just crave movement, they need it to be happy.  They are the life of the party, often pulling others into their plans, whether it is an impromptu get together, great cause, or last minute trip out of town. With an ENFP in your life, you have your very own Cruise Director to ensure you always have a good time.

Design Ideas

They are natural entertainers who thrive in open floor plan houses.  They'll need plenty of seating and space for everyone to feel comfortable in big groups and small ones, with spaces to sit and chat as well as plenty of space for games both inside and out.  They would do well in a cul-de-sac where everyone knows everyone else and all the kids wind up at their house.

A fun backyard with a large deck and grill with outdoor seating, plus a pool and hot tub, would never go to waste They are always up for a big party or intimate encounter, no matter what time of day.

A kitchen that is easy to maintain is a huge plus for the ENFP, since they are always so active.  Organization and household tasks can easily wait for another time.  Big drawers for organizing dishes, quartz counters that can take a lot of activity and don't easily stain, dark cabinets, a large sink to hold the pots and pans they just used to whip up a midnight snack for all their friends, and bins in the

ENFP Design Ideas

pantry to easily store items will suit them well.  The fewer steps required, the better.  An overly organized space with a home for everything would be too complicated to suit their style.  

Colors should be bright, energetic, and inspiring.  These adventurous souls would appreciate the mixing of whimsical, bold patterns, exotic accents, unique statement pieces, and the combining of different design styles- go ahead an mix it up!

Their bedroom should be fun and exotic, because their love of play and human connection doesn't stop at the bedroom door.  A canopy bed that transports them and their partner(s) to another place could create a wonderful environment, and a bathroom with a shower or tub for two would be a delightful bonus.

Spirituality has deep meaning for ENFPs, and they would enjoy a separate space for yoga and meditation where they can relax and reconnect with the Universe.  A small alter with candles, a giant mandala on the wall, and a few cushions on the floor is all they would need.

Instead of a traditional dining room, convert it into an office space to be close to all the activity.  White boards for their ideas, bulletin boards for them to tack up pictures, postcards, and inspiring images would suit them well, as would a giant world map filled with pins marking past adventures as well as future plans.  Wall-hung magazine racks with big pouches to easily sort important documents will help with their organizational skills, as would a couple of doors to close the space off when company arrives.  

Pinterest boards are included to help illustrate design ideas, but everyone has different tastes and styles, and we create custom concepts for all of our clients.  


A racing mind could use a designer to help keep them on-track and find great ways to combine all of their unique ideas into one connected plan.  An imaginative designer who is well-versed in unique out-of-the box styles is a must.  ENFPs appreciate someone who understands that all of their collected pieces of art and accessories are very important, as they represent cherished moments, and finding creative ways to incorporate them into the design is important.  Big ideas are always inspiring for designers, but a constant stream of new ideas can be frustrating.  It is expected that one design presentation will trigger a new path worthy of exploring, but the risk is a wonderful design adventure with no solid plans to justify the mounting expenses.  Pre-planning is important, but it should be kept loose.  A list of random ideas collected over a few months prior to hiring a professional will go a long way, as it will allow them to explore their ideas and needs before bringing in a professional, who will work with them to prioritize the important ones and dismiss the ones that won't serve them.  It would also be a good idea to keep a few lists of all items- ones that must stay, ones that are flexible, and others that can go, to allow the designer room to work their magic.  It's important for the ENFP to remember that a completed space will bring them joy and create the space they need to live out their hopes and dreams.

A REALTOR is worth their weight in gold to an ENFP.  They can help evaluate potential homes for livability and help access HOA rules to see if the neighborhood will allow for their big ideas.  REALTORS can also help them with surveys to check build-to lines for a pool or large deck.  New construction can be tricky, because they'll need to know all the features of the land, including slope and utility locations, to know if you can add leisurely features later on.  Their love of people can make negotiating tricky with both new construction and existing homes.  It's important to have an intermediary who will give you fidelity and dedicated representation in both new construction and existing homes; someone to do the dirty work and make sure you get the best deal possible.  An agent will also ensure that all tasks are completed on time- from the loan, to the inspection and survey, and to closing.  



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