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Extrovert-  Energized by spending time with others; external processors who act first and thinks later;  wide variety of relationships; loses energy when not socializing; loves people

iNtuitive- Future oriented; able to connect disparate ideas; appreciates concepts and theories; searches for patterns; recalls context; abstract and non-linear thinkers; free-floating memories and ideas

Thinking- Analytical of data; relies on facts and data to make decisions; using objective and critical thought processes; accepts interpersonal conflict as a natural part of fact-based and analytical decision making; understands tasks required to accomplish goals

Judgement- Predictable; enjoys routine and structure; task and action oriented; planner; detail oriented and organized


Alexander Hamilton  |  Bill Gates  |  George Cl

ooney  |  Boomer Esaison  |  Adele  |  Frank Underwood  |  Margaret Thatcher  |  Miranda Priestly  |  Warren Buffett  |  Harrison Ford  |  Garry Kasparov  |  Ice-T  |  Lady Mary Crawley  |  Angela Merkel  |  Steve Jobs  |  Ka

tharine Hepburn  |  Steve Young  |  Gene Simmons  |  Princess Leia Organa  |  Elizabe

th I  |  Jack Welch  |  Quentin Tarantino  |  Vin

ce Lombardi  |  David Geffen  |  Tywin Lannis

ter  |  Winston Churchill  |  Sheryl Sandberg 


While they may be the most social of the Analyst types, it is critical to understand that these social people still have high expectations of themselves and others, respecting intelligence and accomplishment rather than emotions and idle chatter.  They are highly intuitive and future oriented, and their people skills and natural leadership abilities enable them to assemble strong and productive teams to achieve their goals.  They are solution oriented, focused and logical, and use their charisma to inspire their team.  They will work tirelessly and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals and are often in the trenches with others.  They enjoy challenges, are master negotiators, and can be dominant and relentless.  They always appreciate a job well done, and when they are well-dignified, they'll promote those they see as competent.  However, when they don't feel dignified, they may exploit the talent of others.  They dislike laziness, inefficiencies, and surprises and can be chillingly dismissive of others when they do not meet their expectations.  Introverted Analysts are internal processors who use logical criticism to help others improve their systems and avoid catastrophes, but the Extroverted nature of ENTJs make them external processors who are prone to expressing their disappointment before realizing that they are in the grip of their under-developed emotional side.  While they may challenge authority, they expect their's to be respected.  They are big picture thinkers but also understand the small steps necessary to get there.  They can be dominant in relationships but take responsibility for the health of the relationship; they often show affection through well-planned actions and displays of affection over emotional intimacy.  Friendships are based on mutual interests with long, meaningful conversations on shared ideals.  They can be great friends to look to as sounding boards, as they can easily see the cause of problems and give good advice.  Like many Analysts, self-improvement is important and enlightened types can learn to factor other people's emotions into their decision-making matrix.

Design Ideas

Like most Intuitive types, ENTJs can easily mix styles and patterns in their homes and appreciate a well-designed space with nothing out of place.  Warm muted pastel palettes, like silvery greens, dusty pinks, and light taupes, will give them energy and keep them cheery, while not triggering their love of debates and arguments.  

Social events tend to be structured with a slightly formal edge that allows them to show off their expertise and hosting skills.  Their love of deep conversations are well-suited to dinner parties and small gatherings.  Status and praise are important to ENTJs, so expect a beautiful home and a well-thought out event with every detail tended to.  This gives them the ability to demonstrate their appreciation for those they care about while basking in the compliments.  

They love to organize and create efficient systems and will strive to have a home that functions well.

ENTJ Design Ideas

Having a central home command center where schedules can be seen, jobs and shopping lists posted, will keep things running smoothly to prevent unforeseen and unwelcome disruptions to their schedules and routines; there are no excuses for poor planning.  

Home offices will be well-organized, neat, and tidy, with prominent displays of their many awards and achievements.  This isn't a way for them to search for praise, although they certainly appreciate it, but a way for them to remain inspired and proud of their accomplishments.


ESTJs will pamper themselves with luxury items and belongings over time spent relaxing on long vacations since they have so much going on in their lives. 

A beautiful and well-organized closet for their power suits is key, as is a luxurious bathroom to primp and prepare for the day.  Their image is everything.  They take pride in their appearance, and anything that creates a special atmosphere for completing daily tasks will make them more enjoyable.


A home gym is a great way for them to work off extra energy, where they can prepare for a long day or shed the stress after one.  Their day will be even better if their partner joins them.  

Pinterest boards are included to help illustrate design ideas, but everyone has different tastes and styles, and we create custom concepts for all of our clients.  

Working with Home Professionals

Creating productive and dynamic teams is their strong suit.  They love well-orchestrated work where everyone is moving according to their strengths and producing high-quality, well-organized work.  A team of professionals who are highly skilled, competent, and work well with others is key.  Expressing needs and expectations early will go a long way to ensuring the team properly performs, whether this is establishing schedules, verbalizing the desired outcome, or giving and receiving regular updates.  Professionals, like Interior Designers and REALTORS, work to save time, find relevant data, understand the desired outcome, and know how to get there.  ENTJs understand exactly what professionals do and why they are needed, giving them the authority (but not necessarily time), to do their job while giving managerial guidance.  It is important that they ask their service providers what they need to perform so that realistic expectations can be set.  Nothing will drive an ENTJ crazy like a change in plans or unmet expectations.  

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