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Extrovert-  Energized by spending time with others; external processors who act first and thinks later;  wide variety of relationships; loses energy when not socializing; loves people

iNtuitive- Future oriented; able to connect disparate ideas; appreciates concepts and theories; searches for patterns; recalls context; abstract and non-linear thinkers; free-floating memories and ideas

Thinking- Analytical of data; relies on facts and data to make decisions; uses objective and critical thought processes; accepts interpersonal conflict as a natural part of fact-based and analytical decision making; understands tasks required to accomplish goals

Perception-  Flexible and spontaneous; multi-tasks well; loves to mix work and play; does their best work last minute; values perfection over completion


Sir Walter Raleigh  |  Thomas Edison  |  Fran

cois Rabelais  |  John Cleese  |  the Edge  |  Si

rius Black  |  Babe Ruth  |  Leonardo da Vinci 

|  Theodore Roosevelt  |  Voltaire  |  Alfred Hit

chcock  |  Karl Lagerfeld  |  Tom Waits  |  Tho

mas Barrow  |  Catherine the Great  |  Benja

min Franklin  |  Richard Dyson  |  Ashton Kut

cher  |  Harry Connick Jr  |  Mark Cuban  |  An

drew Luck  |  R2-D2  |  Jon Stewart  |  Martin

Scorsese  |  James Garfield  |  Benedict Cum

berbach  |  Neil Patrick Harris  |  Bill Maher


ENTPs are the idea people who see inspiration everywhere.  They are creative, clever, curious, inventive, and entertaining. They have a happy disposition and are very supportive of those they love.  Like all Analysts, they prefer logic over emotions and resist structure and tradition, because it can be inefficient and flawed.  They prize independence above everything else.  They are excellent conversationalists who use logic to debate with no fear of using their intelligence to create inventive and theoretical arguments.  For them, debates are entertaining, and they thrive on the mental acrobats with a strong appreciation for anyone who can keep up with their intellectual somersaults.  ENTPs can be ruthless with less intelligent people as they are always looking for weaknesses in theories and ideas.  Like all Extroverts, they are likely to speak before they think, which can be dangerous for someone who loves to find the Achilles heel in any situation.  While they love new ideas, creativity, and new solutions, they are slow to adapt the information into their own belief structure, because much of their mental exploration is simply for the sake of discovery, not implementation.  The same is true for their ability to identify inefficient processes, and it comes down to their struggles with practical matters.  They are big idea people and need help from others to implement those ideas.  Relationships are exciting and spontaneous, centered around adventure, intellectual pursuits, and constant self-improvement.  They push boundaries, are easily bored, and need a partner with stamina.  Relationships tend to be highly physical without preconceived notions; they are dedicated to a physical and intellectual pursuit of greatness, rather than spiritual or emotional expressions of intimacy.   

Design Ideas

ENTJs are intuitive, creative and love thinking out of the box with little to no constraints on them, yet they have a deep appreciation for logic and intelligence.  They would be well-suited for a unique and modern home that uses unusual materials and pushes boundaries.  Create a modern sculpture out of the stair case through floating treads and a glass railing; high ceilings with unusual accent walls, like corrugated concrete, oxidized metal, charred wood, or live plants.  

Use a neutral base and experiment with whites, mid-grays and charcoal, and chocolate browns, and pop in color through bold and bright modern art.  A bold colored sofa and large windows that bring the outside in can prevent claustrophobia.  Texture is necessary to satisfy their sensual side.

ENTPs love the blending of opposites, so mix up the furnishings by adding the opposite of what is expected. 

ENTP Design Ideas

Strategically place a well designed antique with a rich finish, a classical piece of art reminiscent of the old European realists, a salvaged chair, or a Brutalist chandelier.  Focus on the abstract concept and how they are connected; enjoy the contradictions and push the to the limits.  

Break the rules in more traditional-style homes by swapping out traditional windows for storefronts, trading heavily carved and traditional mantles with slabs of marble, and mix various modern and traditional furniture pieces.

The master suite should be fully realized so ENTJs are free to express their affection the best way they know how- through physical encounters. A large bathroom with a shower and/or bathtub for two will keep things exciting.  

A home gym is almost a necessity to burn off energy, work out aggressions, and create the appropriate space to express their competitive nature, whether they are competing with themselves, their partner, or a friend.  Their competitive and social disposition makes them natural athletes comfortable with both individual and team sports, and they are likely to have a significant amount of equipment that needs to be stored efficiently.

While ENTJs love logical debates and arguments, they whole-heartedly avoid intimate and emotional conversations, which leave them feeling lost and confused.  These conversations are necessary to maintain a long and stable relationship, and they would be well served to create an intimate area where they feel safe, debates are left at the door, and directness and honesty prevails. They value self-improvement and as difficult as this task may be, they will find it fills a need their partner has and brings them closer together.

Pinterest boards are included to help illustrate design ideas, but everyone has different tastes and styles, and we create custom concepts for all of our clients.  

Working with Home Professionals

Professionals working with ENTPs can expect fun and jovial experiences mixed with long debates, critical analysis, and pushback.  An experienced Interior Designer with a strong personality and clever wit will suit them well, because they'll have confidence in their work and no problem defending it.  This is not a bad thing for the creative, since they, too, appreciate constructive criticism, which often makes designs better, especially when working with creative thinkers like an ENTP.  The ENTP should bring their big ideas, list of needs, and collection of design images to the concept development phase of the design process, where they will shine.  This personality type will work well with intuitive designers who can keep up with the brainstorming sessions, boldly blend styles, sketch out ideas, and create unexpected solutions.  ENTPs strength lies in their original ideas and unique perspective, rather than execution.  They need a designer who can flush out the great ideas, figure out the details, and execute the designs.  Few things would make an ENTP happier than living in a unique home that shows off their brilliant mind.

INTPs are conceptual thinkers who lack preconceived notions about what a home is and won't be tied to any one idea.  When searching for a new house, how it fits their needs will be more important than the design and style of the house.  A REALTOR who will take risks, think out of the box, and include non-traditional houses that leave other people scratching their heads, would really make them happy.  Since they see the potential in everything, houses that need some love could also be a good fit, but it would be wise to bring out an architect or designer and a contractor to check for feasibility, since they tend to take on more than they are capable of completing, easily being swept away by what it could be.

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