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Extrovert- Energized by others; external processors who act first and thinks later;  wide variety of relationships; loses energy when not socializing

Sensing-  Concerned with the present; objective thinkers who notice physical details; memory recalls facts and past experiences;  likes clear and concrete facts; linear thinkers who put things in order as they experience them

Feeling-  Emotionally aware and sensitive to the impact of their decisions on others; sensitive to other's needs;  aware of the reaction of others to given situations; seeks win-win situations and popular opinion; dislikes conflict

Judgement- Predictable; enjoys routine and structure; task and action oriented; planner; detail oriented and organized


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These fun loving people are often the life of the party with tons of close friends, whether they've known them for six years or ten minutes.  They're highly organized and the consummate party and event planner.  They embrace the role wholeheartedly, seeing themselves as their group's social director.  And guardian.  And leader.  And peace-keeper.  They are heavily involved with their friends, taking the time to carefully nurture their relationships by staying in touch and remembering every event and detail of their lives, but they can be prone to gossip.  Often this is because they genuinely care about their friends and see them much like they see their family, assuming that everyone knows everything about each other's lives, so open discussions are just a part of the terms of friendship.  They give complete loyalty and affection to them and expect it in return, especially in their romantic relationships.  They are equally dependable and responsible at work and value structure and traditional hierarchies with themselves near the top.  Much of this is their need to control their lives and ensure their own happiness by creating a sense of stability that they can rely on.  Non-traditional people with little need for structure and hierarchies tend to make them uncomfortable, because they are unpredictable and will not give in to the ESFJs need to control their environment.  It is no surprise that with their appreciation of structure and ability to achieve their goals, plus their dedication to their relationships, that they are often seen as pillars of their community.  ESFJs love to be appreciated for everything they do for others, and status is often their preferred mode of recognition, which is also a natural by-product of their natural form of existence.  They embrace it with their natural flair, grace, and style.  

Design Ideas

Taking care of others and ensuring they're happy is a big concern for these social butterflies.  A home that entertains well with a big kitchen and plenty of space for others to meet and mingle is important to them.  They expect people to break out into groups and encourage it, because they want everyone they care about to become friends.  Lots of seating prevents natural mixing, but an open plan with limited furniture and space to move around will encourage people to get to know one another.

Color palettes should be light, with muted warm colors that will feel fresh and airy, but maintain a peaceful environment.  They will definitely take joy in decorating for the holidays to get into the spirit and create a fun environment for their family and friends.  Try crisp white with corals and pops of turquoise or soft grassy greens with yellow and ice blue.   

ESFJ Design Ideas

Popular designs that are 'on-trend' will be highly satisfying, because the results are predictable, and their wide appeal will spark conversation and a certain amount of healthy envy with their friends.  They'll thoroughly enjoy sharing the names of the shops that helped them out and give their friends advice and tips.

A well-appointed guest bedroom, sleeper sofa, and comfortable office or playroom sofa is a necessity, because everyone is welcome to stay if the conversations or party goes late into the night. 

A central butler's pantry that is well stocked with drinks, snacks, and paper plates and cups where guests are welcome to serve themselves would suit them well.  While they do like planning parties and events, they also want their friends to feel like family and are welcome to whatever they need. 


Organization is key to their happiness and ample storage and systems in every room should be created.  A family hub with calendars and task lists is important, because family members will be able to check schedules and know what is expected of them.  A small work space off the kitchen would suit them well, because they work best in open spaces close to others.

Physical intimacy is important to ESFJs, because it is a way for them to both give and receive love, so a comfortable and well designed master bedroom is a must for them to express their sensual side.

Their master closet should be well-organized to hold their vast wardrobe, since they most definitely have the perfect outfit, shoes, bag, and jewelry for every event.  They enjoy dressing for every occasion.  They take pride in their appearance and would enjoy a large mirror, good lighting, and a separate dressing table.

Pinterest boards are included to help illustrate design ideas, but everyone has different tastes and styles, and we create custom concepts for all of our clients.  

Working with Home Professionals

Working with a designer is an intriguing idea for an ESFJ, because they would enjoy sharing the home design and decorating experience with someone who understands how important home is to them and appreciate their good taste.  Having clear expectations of their wants and needs from a professional relationship and their design goals will create a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship.  ESFJs like trends because they are reluctant to take risks and are fearful others won't approve, which can hold them back creatively.  Residential design, good residential design, is all about exploring ourselves to create the perfect home for us, and an experienced designer who understands trends can safely push the ESFJ to explore their creative side to give them a house that is beautiful and personal, while speaking to their core values.  ESJFs enjoy group activities and would really enjoy a design process that allows the designer to develop the concept but includes them in the purchasing.  Since many showrooms in High Point are open to designers all year, it could be fun to schedule an exclusive shopping trip with their designer to knock out their furniture list.  A few days of local shopping for art and accessories would also be an enjoyable way to finish the look.  

Few types will enjoy house-hunting with their REALTOR more than the ESFJ; their love of people, boundless energy, and ability to organize and make lists will lead to fun adventures exploring various neighborhoods and different houses for the perfect one.  It's not just a house they are buying but a new neighborhood and corner of town filled with amenities, new restaurants, and shops to explore.  Community will play an important role in their decision, whether it is a planned development with a clubhouse and pool, or an older one that is walkable to a downtown area that's bustling with activity.  Once they have narrowed their list down to a handful of houses, they should spend time exploring the area to help them make their final decision.  Due diligence should go smoothly, because ESFJs are well-organized and already have friends who specialize in mortgages or real estate closings.  REALTORS should take the time to explain the process in great detail, as well as where challenges may arise, since ESFJs detest surprise problems beyond their control.  Setting expectations will help them to plan.

As a side-note, many fantastic designs and beautiful houses have been abandoned by ESFJs when their friends disapprove.  If they have a valued confidant they like to run things by before making decisions, it would be wise to actively involve them in the process, rather than bringing them in at the very end.  It may be non-traditional, but knowing who all the decisions makers are will help any professional they are working with and ensure that the ESFJ gets their perfect home.

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