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Extrovert- Energized by spending time with others; external processors who act first and thinks later;  wide variety of relationships; loses energy when not socializing, loves people

Sensing-  Concerned with the present; objective thinkers who notice physical details; memory recalls facts and past experiences;  likes clear and concrete facts; linear thinkers who put things in order as they experience them

Thinking- Analytical of data; relies on facts and data to make decisions; using objective and critical thought processes; accepts interpersonal conflict as a natural part of fact-based and analytical decision making; understands tasks required to accomplish goals

Perception- Flexible and spontaneous; multi-tasks well; loves to mix work and play; does their best work last minute; values perfection over completion


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These risk takers are completely unafraid, and they live on drama, passion, and constant attention.  Rules are not for them.  They prefer complete freedom to push boundaries, explore new ideas, and forge new paths.  They are highly aware of their surroundings, from their environment to the people present, and can pick-up on the slightest behavioral or attitude change in others, changing course as necessary.  They are excellent at spotting new and emerging trends and have a keen appreciation for luxury items like an expensive new watch, boat, custom suit, or exotic car.  New ideas and concepts aren't just theory for them, but actions to take, using their love of competition as motivation.  They will not hesitate if their logic and thinking supports their ideas and will put a strong team together to assist.  Highly charismatic, they are often the life of the party with large groups around them, including many romantic interests, listening to all of their big ideas and grand stories.  ESTPs do not shy away from attention.  They, in fact, live off of attention and often use it to connect friends and colleagues.  As strong sensing extroverts, ESTPs enjoy the sensual aspects of dating, but they can bore easily, opting to pursue their ideas and goals.  Living in constant change is important for them, and they believe it is needed long before others do.  Rather than accepting tradition, they opt to reinvent established methods and ideas, leaving their unique imprint on whatever they tackle.  They are trailblazers, pioneers, and industry disruptors.  Facts are more important than emotions and feelings, and they tend to live in the moment, creating friendships and relationships with intelligent individuals who enjoy attention and can keep up with their quick mind and exhaustive need for change.  

Design Ideas

Trends are highly inspiring for the ESTP.  They will not follow them, per se, but find new and unique ways to reinterpret them, leaving others impressed by their flair and solutions.

Open floor plans and plenty of exterior space for socializing is important.  They are the life of the party and will hold court with their friends, amusing them with endless stories and ideas, and use events to network and create new connections for themselves and others.  New ideas and partnerships will often result.  A basement bar with a pool table, card table, and video games will keep them amused and allow them to work out their competitive nature in a healthy way.

ESTPs adore attention and being surrounded by their many admirers.  A comfortable sectional is perfect for piling up all of their friends- with them perfectly parked in the center.

ESTP Design Ideas

A home gym with plenty of space and diverse equipment is necessary for them to burn energy and focus their mind.  Use bright colors, plenty of light, large mirrors, and open floor space for both inspiration and a variety of work-outs.

Bold colors, designs, and pattern will keep their active minds working and energy high.  They will be especially attracted to traditional patterns reinterpreted and used in unusual ways.

ESTPs enjoy casual environments, but they have a taste for the finer things in life, like a top-grain leather sofa, handmade rug, and top of the line electronics.  They notice the differences and appreciate items that are well-designed and perform well.

A home office will be well used by them and others.  A stand-up desk will encourage physical movement and mental activity, while a separate seating or a large table will enable others to join them in their pursuits for new ideas or the establishing of a new business.  White board walls are a must for them to work out all the intricate details of their theories so they can figure out the steps to make them a reality. 

Keep a well-organized garage with plenty of storage for activity equipment.  ESTPs are adventure and activity driven and could have everything from golf clubs to rock climbing gear to a kayak.  

Create a romantic master retreat with luxury bedding, intimate sitting area, and coffee bar, so there is no need to leave the sanctuary unnecessarily.  A luxurious spa-like bathroom with a soaking tub and shower for two would not go unused. 

Pinterest boards are included to help illustrate design ideas, but everyone has different tastes and styles, and we create custom concepts for all of our clients.  

Working with Home Professionals

Interior Designers are a must for ESTPs who are full of ideas, like to reinvent systems, and enjoy the finer things in life.  All of their functional ideas can be beautifully brought to life with a keen eye on materials and details.  ESTPs will appreciate a designer's understanding of quality, materials, design, and luxury products, as well as their access to exclusive suppliers.  Unafraid to spend money and invest in what they like, they would be well-served by a designer who works with them to create practical budgets that will suit their tastes.

REALTORS can work with ESTPs to help them find the property that works best for them, whether it is an existing home they can upgrade to suit their tastes, or finding new construction they can finish themselves.  ESTPs love of revamping existing systems and nice things, however, make them great candidates for custom construction.  REALTORS will help them find and evaluate land, introduce them to custom builders, interior designers, architects, and mortgage lenders who specialize in construction-to-permanent loans.  REALTORS will stay with them throughout the process to ensure all of their needs are well handled.

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