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Introvert- Needs time alone to recharge; prefers small intimate groups; values personal space; thinks before acting; internally motivated; reserved; difficult to know; observant

iNtuitive- Future oriented; able to connect disparate ideas; appreciates concepts and theories; searches for patterns; recalls context; abstract and non-linear thinkers; free-floating memories and ideas

Feeling- Emotionally aware and sensitive to the impact of their decisions on others; sensitive to other's needs;  aware of the reaction of others to given situations; seeks win-win situations and popular opinion; dislikes conflict

Judgement- Predictable; enjoys routine and structure; task and action oriented; planner; detail oriented and organized


Peter Gabriel  |  Jane Goodall  |  Geoffrey Ch

aucer  |  Eleanor Roosevelt  |  Tilda Swinton  |  Jon Snow  |  Leonard Cohen  |  Nathaniel Ha

wthorne  |  Mahatma Ghandi  |  Daniel Day-Le

wis  |  Adolf Hitler  |  Cate Blanchett  |  Atticus

Finch  |  Martin van Buren  |  Michelle Pfeiffer

|  Obi-Wan Kenobi  |  Osama bin Laden  |  Dan

te Aligheri  |  Taylor Swift  |  Queen Noor  |  JK

Rowling  |  Ron Paul  |  Alec Guinness  |  Al Pa

chino  |  Liz Lemon  |  Noam Chomsky  |  John

Williams  |  Tom Selleck  |  Sofia Coppola


All Mediators share the Intuition and Feeling partnership, which means they instinctively understand the emotional needs of others and are the most ethical of the personality groups.  They do not need rules to tell them something is wrong, because they already know.  Deeply private about their complex inner thoughts but loving, loyal, and highly intuitive with an inborn sense of morality.  They may be soft spoken but are very strong-willed, fighting for what they believe in, knowing karma will have its turn with the unethical sooner or later.  They are organized dreamers and mystical, with vivid imaginations, and understand what it takes to achieve their goals, which often involve correcting injustices and fighting for the rights of others.  They enjoy taking care of others and are comfortable with emotions, often speaking in human terms, but they need time alone to recharge.  They will often put the needs of others before their own and expect others to be equally kind and conscientious.  INFJs are warm and honest, and inspiring to others, preferring to use their talents to better the world- so much so that they tend to be lost without a cause to support.  All relationships are based on mutual understandings, respect, and authenticity; lies do not go far with them, making them excellent judges of character.  Their opinions of others should be trusted since their intuition, high moral standards, and inability to be unfair, gossip, and hold power over others mean they have no ulterior motives and nothing to gain.  You will certainly know you are loved, both by the small actions they will take to see you smile, and the words of kindness and affection they regularly speak.  They do not take criticism well, because kindness, organization, and efficiency comes naturally, as do win-win situations.  A natural talent for nurturing small close groups and establishing efficient systems means that their family will be well taken care of and become their primary social circle and focus. 

Design Ideas

INFJs are intuitive and creative and will use it to create a home that tells the story of their family.  Find a common interest or hobby and find a creative way to integrate it into the designs through unusual art, and don't be afraid to find every day objects and hang them on the wall.

Keep a soft color palette with cool colors drawn from nature.  A stick-wood accent wall would be a great way to bring a non-traditional and natural element into the home to create a cozy atmosphere.

Mix random organic designs with large scale geometric patterns in soft colors to add interest and subtle drama to pillows and upholstery, and add rich, chunky textures to encourage a sense of hygge.

Open floor cores with a family room, kitchen table and large island will keep them feeling connected. 

INFJ Design Ideas

Use natural materials whereever possible, like site-finished wood floors, granite counters, cork, stack stone fireplaces, exposed beams, or marble tile to keep connected to nature.

Large windows in the back of the house, or large glass doors that stack back, will create a seamless connection to the backyard and a sense of bringing the outside in.

Since INFJs enjoy being connected to and taking care of their family, time alone to recharge can be tricky.  A spa-like bathroom with a big soaking tub will allow them to indulge, pamper themselves, and relax.

Creative spaces centered around crafts, painting, or music are important.  Creating a space large enough for others to join in will allow everyone to spend time together while indulging in their imagination.

INFJs tend to have stable and happy relationships and consider their partner to be their best friend, partner in crime, and confidant.  A well decorated bedroom with a sitting area will allow them to engage in long conversations, daydreams, and intimate moments, while a beautiful bed will symbolize how important their marriage is to them.

Create separate homework spaces for the kids, whether it's an open space off of the kitchen where kids can work close to the family, or an open space around the bedrooms where they can work in a more private area.

Find ways to create beauty in spaces dedicated to tasks, like a chalkboard wall in the family work station where calendars and chores are listed, or a fun pattern and painted cabinetry in the laundry room.  

Use soft white mattes with mixed material frames to frame family photos and homemade art to create family gallery walls.

Pinterest boards are included to help illustrate design ideas, but everyone has different tastes and styles, and we create custom concepts for all of our clients.  

Working with Home Professionals

Honesty, integrity, and authenticity are important to INFJs, and they will rely on their instincts to find a professional they can trust. Sales people do not interest them; they are interested in allies who will take the time to connect with them, get to know their needs, and create a real connection.   An Interior Designer can best serve them by understanding how important their family is to them and creating a unique style that reflects their values and interests, as well as create spaces that accommodate everyone's needs.  Look for someone who is open and communicative, who will listen to everyone's requests, and can create consensus with different personalities, needs, and style.  Have everyone participate in the process by collecting images of spaces they like, whether it's a princess/mermaid bedroom for a little girl, or video game space for the teenagers.  

INFJs are emotional and always factor in others in when making decisions.  A REALTOR who can balance this out by evaluating market conditions and offers is a must, especially when a seller is presented with love letters meant to pull on the heart strings or negotiating a deal.  They'll work as the tough-guy to hold out for the best price, as well as ask for additional items, like closing costs or much needed repairs.  Many donate a portion of every commission to a charity as a way of giving back, whether it is one they've partnered with or one favored by their clients.  

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