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Introvert- Needs time alone to recharge; prefers small intimate groups; values personal space; think before acting; internally motivated; reserved; difficult to know; observant

iNtuitive- Future oriented; able to connect disparate ideas; appreciates concepts and theories; searches for patterns; recalls context; abstract and non-linear thinkers; free-floating memories and ideas

Feeling- Emotionally aware and sensitive to the impact of their decisions on others; sensitive to other's needs;  aware of the reaction of others to given situations; seeks win-win situations and popular opinion; dislikes conflict

Perception-  Flexible and spontaneous; multi-tasks well; loves to mix work and play; does their best work last minute; values perfection over completion


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Mother of Jesus  |  Chris Martin  |  Julius Ervi

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Exupery  |  JRR Tolkien  |  CS Lewis  |  Frodo


The combination of all four traits make INFPs highly empathic.  They instinctively understand the emotional energy of others and are the most ethical of the personality types.  They do not need rules to tell them something is wrong, they already know, and will sacrifice their own well-being to do what is right.  INFPs are intuitive, sensitive, creative, fiercely idealistic, and just.  They are natural dreamers and prefer the magic of their inner world to the real world, where they often feel out of step.  They are aware of the challenges of life and all the hardships, insensitivity, and selfishness and often have excellent manners for the sole purpose of not offending or disturbing others.  They will take things to heart and never forget their mistakes and accidental slights to others.  This calm and reserved facade fades quickly when they see injustices or their ideals are violated, especially when a friend, loved one, or marginalized group is compromised.  In the grip, their politeness and sensitivity towards others is replaced by carefully aimed, poignant, and logical criticism that is meant to hurt, which makes sense, because precision is the most efficient and ethical way to direct criticism.  They do not take criticism well, because it means others notice their flaws as much as they do and they were unable to hide them.  They strive to be perfect, which is a goal they will never reach, and lose themselves in endless revisions.  INFPs are motivated by ideas and concepts they believe in, often ones that serve others and help them grow.  Turning off their mind and not placing emotional values on every action will help them reach their goals.  Deeply spiritual with a strong connection to the Universe, they seek out kindred souls for deep conversations, who they will bond with for life.  Natural communicators, artists, and expressive types, when properly nurtured, given space, and allowed to express themselves, they are able reach great heights.

Design Ideas

Cool color palettes in greys and blues in both light muted hues and darker moodier rooms will help them relax and encourage day-dreaming.

While INFPs are naturally attracted to patterns, they dislike permanence, so patterns are best suited to decorative pillows, rugs, bedding, and other textiles, rather than tile and wallpaper.

Create a private and non-traditional office space that allows your mind to wander and dream; replace the desk with a comfortable sofa and large cocktail table to spread out, or throw cushions on the floor.  Time alone is critical; 'she sheds' and 'man caves' were created for the INFP.


They are skilled communicators and story tellers, because they have a well developed sense of connection between all things and are highly observant, making them experts at concept development.  They can easily blend

INFP Design Ideas

different styles in visually pleasing ways, and their need for harmony will be present in their collections.  Everything will feel natural, even if the juxtapositioning is counter intuitive.  They may enjoy drama in theory but cannot live with it long-term.  To them, beauty must have a purpose and be used to create emotional experiences.

Large homes aren't necessarily for the INFP since they are not motivated by money and material items and prefer to live in smaller homes with traditional layouts.  Traditional floor plans with rooms divided by walls will make them more comfortable than open plan homes, but if they are open, 10' ceilings would be more comfortable than ceilings with 18-20' ceilings.  

Prone to sentimentality and preferring art and accessories that have deep meaning to them, it may be difficult to display these items, as if they are revealing too much.  INFPs are deeply territorial about their personal spaces and since only the closest of friends and family will be invited in, chances are the items displayed will mean as much to their visitors as they do to them.  INFPs have deep and open communication with their loved ones, and what seems like a risky display will spark conversations and strengthen relationships.

Organization is a challenge for INFPs.  Since very few people use the front door of their homes, create a new concept space, an Owner's Entrance, near the garage door.  Benches with hooks for jackets and bins for shoes and gloves is great, but take it a step further with a big counter for sorting items or a mail station with a recycling bin and wall-mounted magazine racks for stashing important statements and monthly bills.  Add drawers for all the random things that never seem to have a logical place, like a shoeshine kit, rolls of packing tape, or needle and thread kit.  Large cabinets for bulk household goods, like large rolls of paper towels and extra toilet paper; a cleaning cabinet for a broom, mop and bucket, and bottles of cleaners; space for charging hand-held vacuums and batteries.  This is an excellent place for cat lovers to design a place for the litter box, or dog owners to hang leashes.  Adding the washer and drier makes a lot of sense but moving the concept into the laundry room does not; the key to this room working to keep the INFP organized is having it be the very first space entered.  This room should be as beautiful as it is functional, since it's the room that welcomes everyone home.

While it may not be used often, providing a beautiful guest room stocked with toiletries and soft towels is a great way to take care of loved ones, and the occasional visits are necessary to refresh them and bring them out of their heads.  INFPs are deeply loyal and loving but may not think to invite friends and family in from out of town, holding them close in their hearts.  But once in town, they will enjoy having a kindred spirit close by.  Longer visits can prove more enjoyable, because they can live and let live, rather than spend every minute exploring every nook and cranny of town.  


Pinterest boards are included to help illustrate design ideas, but everyone has different tastes and styles, and we create custom concepts for all of our clients.  

Working with Home Professionals

INFPs are highly intuitive rebels with a fantastic and vivid imagination.  They have a solid sense of who they are and their values but pulling it together can be tricky.  It is easy for them to get lost in both their grand ideas and the steps to get there.  A professional will be able to help them achieve their goals, but much like their personal relationships, trust will be at the core of professional relationships, too, especially when working on a project as intimate as their home.  They should find a service provider who is as emotionally aware and ethical as they are for the relationship to succeed.  They will rely on their instincts if they meet someone who feels 'off' to them, either because their personalities do not mesh enough to accomplish their goals or because of a lack of integrity.  They are keenly aware of the difference between a service provider and a sales person.

When tackling home design, the INFP's working style would most benefit from an Interior Designer who will spend time to discover where they find meaning in their lives, as well as gather a solid understanding of their unstructured working habits, and design a concept and space that suits their needs.  They will be overflowing with ideas, as they aren't afraid of mixing ideas and taking risks; some will suit them, some will not, and some will work as points of departure that lead to the perfect solution.  Their creative professional's job will be to sort and refine the ideas and find ways to personalize the designs to create the perfect home.  Design solely for the purpose of creating a pretty space will have no value.  The concept, art, and accessories should all support their natural search for a deeper meaning.  Taking the project in phases is also advised, because the INFP will need time to review the plan, make revisions, and think about it before moving to the next steps.  Regular check-ins are advised to keep the project moving forward.  Typically, most INFPs will only seek out professional services when they are serious about a project.  While it may be slow moving, it will eventually come to fruition.

INFPs should research various agents the same time they are researching properties and the market.  They are slow to enter relationships of any sort and prefer ones with like-minded people they can trust.  Calling different agents with various questions will enable them to read their energy and get to know them.  While they'll have a conceptual idea of what they want, they will be open to seeing all types of homes, and their thinking will evolve as they look.  They're able to look past the initial impressions to see what it could be to them, which will make searching for a particular style challenging.  Their intuition is searching to connect with the intangible; It's not simply about three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths.  A mix of old homes and new ones will help them check their emotional/intuitive needs.  They will take a casual approach to house hunting until they find one they connect with and will then rely heavily on their agent to handle the details.  It is important they know from the start what paperwork and documents they'll need to find, organize, and have handy, so when they are ready to move, important information is ready.  

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