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Introvert- Needs time alone to recharge; prefers small intimate groups; values personal space; thinks before acting; internally motivated; reserved; difficult to know; observant

Sensing-  Concerned with the present; objective thinkers who notice physical details; memory recalls facts and past experiences;  likes clear and concrete facts; linear thinkers who put things in order as they experience them

Feeling- Emotionally aware and sensitive to the impact of their decisions on others; sensitive to other's needs; aware of the reaction of others to given situations; seeks win-win situations and popular opinion; dislikes conflict

Perception- Flexible and spontaneous; multi-tasks well; loves to mix work and play; does their best work last minute; values perfection over completion


Andre 3000  |  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis  |  David Beckham  |  Bob Ross  |  Pablo Picas

so  |  Neil Simon  |  Kobe Bryant  |  Elizabeth

Taylor  |  Warren Harding  |  Marie Anoinette

|  Pharrell Williams  |  Edith Crawley  |  Sam

well Tarly  |  Ulysses S. Grant  |  Dwyane Wa

de  |  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  |  Meredith

Grey  |  Marilyn Monroe  |  Yogi Berra  |  Dan

Quayle  |  Brad Pitt  |  Heath Ledger  |  Bjork  |  Lady Gaga  |  Greg Louganis  |  Auguste Ro

din  |  Paul Gauguin  |  Jessica Alba  |  Steven

Spielberg  |  Christina Aguilera  |  Rihanna


Keenly aware of beauty and the arts, these hands-on explorers value their personal time and need it to pursue their rich inner world.  They thrive on upsetting the established order and prefer quirky environments where they are free to express themselves.  While they may be quiet and reserved and difficult to get to know, ISFPs are deeply sensitive, warm, and sympathetic.  They are highly skilled at using their talents to create rich emotional experiences through color, texture, and art.  Their world is sensual, colorful, and filled with adventure, exploration, and new ideas and viewpoints.  Their work is an ongoing attempt to understand their experiences.  Well-crafted constructive criticism is always welcome, as it inspires them and pushes them to find new solutions.  ISFPs are quite comfortable with failure, as it just teaches them more.  When it is ill-disposed and personal, their calm and jovial demeanor can quickly change, but ISFPs live in the moment and are quick to forgive and forget once they speak their mind.  Those who are lucky enough to be loved by them can expect a warm and stable environment filled with beauty, individual free expression, and spontaneity.  However, once inspiration hits, they will run off for long periods to pursue their ideas, often at the expense of their obligations.  ISFPs are deeply loving and loyal to those close to them and are open with their emotions; they will not hesitate to express their love verbally or with unique gifts and displays of affection.  A kind compliment and words of praise about their work goes a long way, as they love to know others appreciate their skills and talent.

Design Ideas

Be bold.  Colors and patterns will be bold and connected, with one driving the other.  Use monochromatic color palettes strategically by popping in a single piece in a bright and dramatic color.  Be brave with patterns, and don't be afraid of them clashing; ISFPs will always find a way for them to make sense in the end.

Nature is a big inspiration and should be brought in through patterns, art, and materials.  Use a rich diversity of plants to create an indoor garden by exploring with different leaf shapes and colors, heights, structure, and flowers. 

Evaluate rooms for well-placed accent walls and experiment with bold and graphic wallpapers, color, and materials.  Removable wallpaper was made for the ISFP who loves visual drama as well as change.

ISFP Design Ideas

Explore non-traditional ideas- pop in a unique chair or seating solution; paint the frame of a traditional old chair hot pink and reupholster it in a funky fabric.  Create seating with a few large pillows on the floor around a cocktail table.  Hang a porch swing inside.  Toss some pillows on an old church pew.  Figure out the function first, then find ways to creatively make it.

Gallery walls filled with found objects, shadowboxes, mirrors, and art will create strong focal points and feel like art installations.

Create different themes and concepts for different spaces but unique ways to interpret them.  Literal translations are not required for these creative individuals.

Letting go of expectations to create unusual worlds is their forte.  An old home that needs love and attention could be the perfect project for them to fix up and renovate using unexpected materials and solutions.

Dedicated creative spaces are incredibly important, and good natural lighting is a must.  Space to move around and create, as well as lots of storage for all of their supplies, is critical.  

Bring creativity out into the garden by incorporating unusual sculptures, planters, and seating into various niches, making the yard another room to explore and inspire.  

Pinterest boards are included to help illustrate design ideas, but everyone has different tastes and styles, and we create custom concepts for all of our clients.  

Working with Home Professionals

ISFPs are natural explorers and creators.  Interior Designers, if they need them, would work as a creative partner to bounce ideas off of, push their designs, introduce them to new sources, and keep an eye on the practical needs, so they do not get lost in the art.  Too many artists in the studio could get a little tricky, but good things always happen when creatives collaborate!

ISFPs will always keep potential in mind while looking at possible new houses.  They'll always find a delightful way to use an awkward space.  Keeping the artists needs in mind when looking for houses is well advised- natural light, preferably north, a large space to use as a studio, and plenty of walls to display their work are consistently at the top of their list.  Unusual homes or older ones do not scare ISFPs away.  It is important they are clear with their needs so their REALTOR will be able to find the features they require.  Adding a studio, non-traditional exterior colors, or tucking unusual pieces into the garden may not be permitted in every neighborhood, so reviewing all HOA rules is a must.  ISFPs may find that they prefer a community that is not governed by such structure.  A solid understanding of the home buying process and all documentation required is important.  An agent that can keep on top of the due diligence process for them will prove invaluable.

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