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Introvert- Needs time alone to recharge; prefers small intimate groups; values personal space; think before acting; internally motivated; reserved; difficult to know; observant

Sensing-  Concerned with the present; objective thinkers who notice physical details; memory recalls facts and past experiences;  likes clear and concrete facts; linear thinkers who put things in order as they experience them

Thinking- Analytical of data; relies on facts and data to make decisions; uses objective and critical thought processes; accepts interpersonal conflict as a natural part of fact-based and analytical decision making; understands tasks required to accomplish goals

Perception- Flexible and spontaneous; multi-tasks well; loves to mix work and play; does their best work last minute; values perfection over completion


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Rational thinkers and keen observers who excel at practical application of their thoughts and ideas.  They rely heavily on information and are impartial thinkers with strong technical skills.  Flexibility of thought, the ability to adapt to any situation, and a keen understanding of what needs to be done makes them invaluable in a crisis.  They are adventurous souls who dislike structure and bore easily, moving from one adventure and project to another, often leaving things unfinished.  Desks and regular jobs do not suit them, finding careers based on adventure and periodic contracts more interesting and rewarding than a day to day job filled with details that never seem to end.  True introverts who love to explore the sensory world, whether it is tinkering around a shop, learning how things work, or running off into the woods with just a backpack and a compass, they are happiest when deep in thought and free to experience the world.  Unlike the Extroverted ESTP who seeks adventured with others, the ISTP is the solo traveler who seeks to understand the world.  People are drawn to their laid-back personality, great sense of humor, light approach to life, and stories of where they've been.  ISTPs are enigmatic to others, because for all their adventures, they are difficult to know and slow to let others in unless they share their interests and hobbies.  Dating an ISTP is full of spontaneity, adventure, sensuality, and detachment, because they value their independence above all else.  Their love of the logical makes them uncomfortable with the emotions and structures of relationships.  They are likely to run when things get serious, but when given the space to be themselves, they'll find a stable relationship to be comforting when they return from wherever it is they've been. 

Design Ideas

Home is all about their adventures and love of adventure, and natural tinkerers would do well with older homes that need repairs and fixing up.  But bringing in a friend with a strong J will ensure they are completed.  A workshop for creating, exploring, and repairing things is highly recommended and ensures there is a lot of storage space for the items they find along the way that will one day be incorporated into something new.

ISTPs are keen observers and sensitive to their environment and would do well with dark and moody spaces in both warm and cool colors.  The darker tones will soothe their natural introvert while warm colors will inspire their active mind.

Second-hand stores, junk yards, and items they find on the side of the road are all fair-game for decorating their homes.  They will enjoy reupholstering an old chair and covering it in a fabric they found on a trip abroad, or

ISTP Design Ideas

refinishing an antique table.  Proper storage and systems is critical, since they tend to collect items that may have a purpose later.

Bring nature in through the materials used, like a stick wood wall or stack stone fireplace.  But skip the plants, as they will surely die when a camping trip or other adventure calls.

Like all Sensing types, ISTPs are aware of the physical world around them.  Mix textures like chenilles, boucles, woven wool rugs, and raw silks with harder surfaces, like concrete and quartz counters.  Keep an eye out for fabrics and rugs while exploring the world, and have fun mixing patterns and styles.  Having pieces they've found in their home will remind them of their adventures and everything they've seen.

DIY projects are perfect for the ISTP personality.  Once they figure out the basics behind the skills required and objectives of the project, they will apply it to other problems and situations.  

ISTPs enjoy making things, but can sacrifice design for function.  Stepping back to study the logic behind the aesthetic design, not just the functional design, will take their tinkering to a new level, because beauty is its own puzzle to solve.  This applies to the sinlge items they create, as well as bigger systems, like a kitchen or living room.

Research trends and design magazines.  A mental library of images will help them with their collecting and give them great ideas of things to create when the find the perfect piece.  

Pinterest boards are included to help illustrate design ideas, but everyone has different tastes and styles, and we create custom concepts for all of our clients.  

Working with Home Professionals

ISTPs have a curious relationship with home.  They require constant attention and symbolize static stability, which are almost anathema to such adventurous souls.  ISTPs may seem like natural renters, but their personalities are well-suited for home flipping.  They love exploring and taking well-calculated risks, love to tinker and create new things, and enjoy staying still for short amounts of time.  Plus, it's a wonderful way to earn money for the next adventure.  REALTORS can help them find distressed properties and evaluate them for equity based on future conditions, and Interior Designers can help them to develop a budget and design plan to bring them up to good condition.  Both will be invaluable with managing all of the details to ensure everything goes smoothly.  Aside from flipping, ISTPs should consider buying and holding multiple properties and renting them out with the help of a project management company.  This will allow them to earn passive income while they are off conquering the world, one wave, mountain, cliff, or hike at a time, while giving them assets for a future date.  

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