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New Service: Myers-Briggs Home Assessements

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Find out if your home is working for you!

Let's be honest. Once you take a personality test the first thing you do is obsess over your results to find out everything great about you... then everything bad. The second thing you do is endlessly google your partner's type (if coupled up) or check which types you are most compatible with (if you're not). But what about your home?

Your type holds all sort of home secrets. An iNtuitive-Thinker needs giant white boards in their office so they can chart out their next great idea and get the concepts and theories down, but a Sensing-Judgement type needs a giant one in their kitchen to chart out everyone's schedules so they can maintain control and their sanity. Introverts need a private space to recharge and Extraverts, well, just give them an open concept floor plan filled with lots of other people and noise and they'll stay recharged and energeticfor hours! Each type has it's secret luxuries-- functional luxuries-- that may seem like nothing to others, but mean the world to them. Give an Sensing-Feeling type a large laundry room that's really pretty and well-designed, and you'll have a happy camper on your hands. SF's are the folks who take care of us through a clean house, clean laundry, our favorite meals, and little notes of gratitude dropped here and there to encourage us. They have a stealth-like quality; we often don't see all they do for us until they stop doing it, which means we're not as thankful as we should be. Giving them joyful spaces to accomplish the mundane tasks they happily do for others makes them feel seen, appreciated, and valued.

While it's important that we understand what we need from our home, it's equally important that we know what others need, too. You might think your Extraverted kid needs a quiet corner in their room to buckle down and do theor homework, but they might actually need a quite space off the kitchen to concentrate. Sure, it's noisy and full of distrations for other people but it keeps them feeling connected to everyone in the house. You might also have an Introverted partner who can't understand your gym membership, but it's a struggle for Extraverts to workout at home because they lack a critical energizer: other people. The flip side is true, too-- Why do you need a gym at home when you don't use your membership? Ummmm... because they're an Introvert and exercising around others is exhausting.

As a certified Myers-Briggs administrator, I can evaluate your home based on your type and the types of those you share a house with. You'd be surprised how many or your frustrations are triggered by bad design, like piles of mail every where, a family member hiding out in a bedroom or office instead of engaging, the inability to focus, and unexpected waves of anxiety. The problem with leaving design problems unidentified is that they eventually become relationship problems, so aside from learning more about your space and needs, you'll also learn a lot about your partner, how they process information, and what they need. As much as we want to believe everyone thinks alike, they simply don't.

The other benefit? As a designer and Myers-Briggs admin, I'm a neutral third-party, so we can talk openly and honestly without judgement or charged emotions. So let's go!

Design consciosly, live beautifully

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