I know... it's frustrating when you want to know more, but it's just not there!  Ugh... I apologize.

While it's under construction now, which is code for "I have to get writing, researching, designing, and exploring," I promise it will be worth it.  This site is definitely going to be a work in constant progress, and I envision this to be where we explore design, real estate, and type in-depth and in one central area.  I think everyone wants to see articles and ideas that speak to them, as well as good general information.  Video is going to be a main focus for just a bit, and I promise I'll eventually loosen up- but mannnnnn, it's a little scary!  But I have faith that I am giving you valuable information you will enjoy, so it'll be worth all the stage fright in the end.  

Feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, where I hope we can have fun chatting about all of this in real time.  I'm interested in what you have to say and what you want to learn about.  Maybe we'll do some design challenges, or look at pictures of spaces around town that inspire you, or share some wonderful and creative ways you guys have incorporated your own style and needs into your homes.  Maybe we'll be really adventurous and do a Facebook Live chat together and hang out sometime.  The sky's the limit!

Follow me on Insta and I'll follow you back.  Be sneaky and drop me a code word on a photo, like your Myers Briggs type, so I know it's you.  I can't wait!