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         The hottest trend in Interior Design is also      the hottest trend in
Real Estate

Given a designer's knowlegde of construction, comfort, beauty, and deep understanding of how people live, it's no surprise that Interior Designers are joining the Real Estate industry as brokers. Home buying conversations revolved around the process,the house' condition, and negotiations, with little to no conversations addressing how the house will live. Considering the average length of home ownership is 

5-8 years, one would think that there would be a significant amount of time invested in assessing a home's livability and whether or not it suits us. That seems like an obvious conversation, but it's often addressed superficially, 'Here's the kitchen and pantry, the master bath, and the 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths you wanted. Just paint the cabinets white and the walls Accessible Beige and you're done!' 

Choosing a house isn't merely a financial decision. While Realtors analyze houses for transactional purposes and act as special agents on their client's behalf to facilitate sales, Designers subjectively and objectively analyze houses for livability. We can quickly assess spaces for furniture layouts, predict functional challenges, and imagine what the house could be-- far beyond their current dated interiors. My first design question is also my first real estate question-- what do you emotionally need from your home? 'Calm' can mean plenty of space to organize blongings and prevent clutter. 'Quality time with my family,' can mean enough space in the dining room to host folidays. 'A place where I can work,' might be an office upstairs where it's quiet, but it can also mean a big kitchen island and comfortable stool. It also requires stepping backwards to see what's not working with their current space so we can correct them with the new house. 

As much as a strong design background is invaluable for buyers, a real estate background is equally valuable for those looking to renovate a kitchen and bath, finish off a basement, or built an addition. As a Realtor, I can give my clients educated opinions based on their neighborhood and the condition of the houses that are selling at top dolllar. 

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