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All Diplomats share the Intuitive and Feeling pair, which means they think abstractly and understand the emotions of others, with a highly developed sense of empathy and individual needs. They promote harmony and cooperation, tolerating discord only if necessary to bring everyone to a better place. Their ideals and morals are above reproach, and they will never sacrifice someone for personal gain. They value deep understanding of others and their emotional intelligence allows them to see the motivations of others, although they are just as likely to dismiss their gut reactions in favor of believing everyone, which in some ways, is good. They strive for kindness, altruism, and a perfect world, which may not be possible, and hurting others, whether accidentally or deliberately as a means to an end, can deeply impact them. They will fight only to protect their ideals, and once provoked may steamroll others with their sharp observations. Highly artistic and creative with a focus on others, success is based on pursuing that which serves the good with money to follow, rather than the pure pursuit of riches.

The Diplomats include, INFJs, INFPs, ENFJs, and ENFPs.  

the diplomats, interior design ideas, infj, intp, enfj, enfp, myers briggs

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