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Driven by the partnership between Sensing and Judgement, Sentinels are keen observers of the material world and most cooperative and practical. They define themselves through their character and competence, with a high regard for structure and traditions. They seek order, stability, and security, and fight hard to maintain the status quo, shying away from individualism and those who disregard the rules. They prefer proven methods and accomplishment to theory and self-exploration. They are efficient, analytical, attentive, productive, and self-motivating, and prefer to use their creativity for practical means and gains to improve existing systems but never to change or destroy them. They rely on tradition, hierarchy, and authority, with a strong belief in the law of the land. With strong family connections and a respect for the community, they tend to be socially active in groups, their children’s school, church, and charities, working to create positive change and uphold tradition.

The Sentinals include, ISTJs, ISFJs, ESTJs, and ESFJs.  

the sentinals, myers briggs, interior design, ISTJ, isfj, estj, esfj

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