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Analysts all share the Intuitive and Thinking partnership in how they gather information, make abstract connections, and process/evaluate information, making them calculated and strategic thinkers who focus on the future and know how to get there. Their approach is logical, well thought out, and relies little on their emotions and the emotions of others, which they often see as a weakness rather than part of working with others. Intelligent and ingenious in their approaches, they can get lost in a false sense of security, believing they instantly saw all the options and outcomes, weighed the chance of success and figured out if it will work or not. They value intelligence above all else and can struggle to test theories, as they rely on their intuition to present all possible situations and logic to determine outcomes. They are not natural risk-takers unless there is enough data to prove that it is safe enough to move forward, or they can properly plan ahead to eliminate risk. Their rational approach to the world enables them to constantly improve themselves- if the data shows there is a problem, they will create a better solution and naturally adapt their ways.

Analysts include INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, and ENTP

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